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Our Story

Save Our Souls was started in 2017 with one dream... that we would never have to go back and work in our boring city jobs again. That was it, that was the goal!

We wanted to work for ourselves and realised that we spent most of our money on two things.. rum and clothing. We looked into making rum but it seemed way too complicated so we thought "let's give this t-shirt thing a go".

We love tattoos, music and films and wanted to make weird stuff that we and our friends would like, and maybe sell some to the public as well.

We started off in a very small shed and within a year had moved in to a purpose built premises and warehouse, where we were printing and fulfilling hundreds of items a day. The response was amazing and you lovely folk really seemed to embrace the fact that we designed what we wanted, refused to conform and didn't take any nonsense from the Kens and Karens of the internet.

It hasn't all been easy. Towards the middle of 2022 we were burnt out, mentally and physically, so decided to call it a day and shut down.

The plan was to walk off into the sunset and never have to look at another t-shirt again. Alas, you beautiful people demanded we rise like a phoenix so here we are, back at it again and bringing amazing clothing to the world, and we thank you for it.

Now for the blowing our trumpet part. All of our clothing is ethically sourced and manufactured. We only print on garments which are produced by members of the Fair Wear Foundation, a non-profit that works to improve conditions for workers in garment factories. We also only use non metallic, vegan friendly inks which are not only good for the environment but produce the best prints on the market. We use the minimum amount of packaging possible, all items are lovingly folded and placed in a recycled and recyclable mailing bag.There is not 10 different plastic bags when you order from us like when you do elsewhere.

We are basically the Bono of clothing but way less annoying.

If you want to know anything more about us (bit weird, but fine) drop us a message or hit up the socials.

We will end this story with the words that we have become most known for...